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    High-quality processing machine - Neway CNC Electric Spindle Lathe


    The electric spindle is a technology that integrates the machine spindle and the spindle motor. The main drive system of high-speed CNC machine cancels the belt drive or gear drive, and the machine spindle is directly driven by the built-in motor, which shortens the length of the main drive chain to zero. It realizes the “zero drive” of the machine, and makes the machine become more accurate and stable, which greatly improves the quality of the work piece.

    一、The characteristics of the electric spindle

    1. The spindle is integrated with the motor, which is compact and saves space. The occupied area of the whole machine is reduced by 12.5%.

    2. No intermediate transmission;

    3. The vibration is small and the movement is stable. It can achieve higher accuracy and surface quality when machining at a high speed

    4. Small inertia, low noise, fast response, excellent dynamic and static performance;

    5. The motor is placed between the support bearings, which can increase the rigidity of the spindle;

    6. NL201LV has servo programming tailstock, which moves conveniently and quickly, with high efficiency and good precision retention.

    7. Utilizing modern control technology and optimized design, it can meet different working conditions and load requirements. The spindle can realize emergency stop and the control is more precise.

    二、Application industry

    1.      Auto parts industry. Jaw, piston, etc.

    2.      Engine industry. Valve, plunger, etc.

    3. Bearing industry. Bearing ring, bearing base

    4.  Other precision rotary parts. Bushings, covers, etc.

    With the upgrading and development of the industry, such products will be widely used in the manufacture of top products in the automotive, precision mold, 3C electronics, aerospace, precision manufacturing and other industries.

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